Completed First Solo XC


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Completed my first solo cross country today, Cincinnati Blue-Ash to Columbus, Indiana. (ISZ-BAK) Im still alive, the plane is in one piece, and it was a great time. Looks like this stuff is finally starting to come together. A few more hours and I'll be ready for my checkride. Take care all, fly safe!



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That's awesome congrats man, I have been trying to do my short XC for MONTHS!! now, since I work full time I can only go on the weekends and if its not the weather it's an mx issue. Did you use flight following?


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Congrats man, I just finished up my long xc saturday, I'm also in ohio. Went akron/canton to wheeling to Downing in coshocton county.


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Congrats on your solo x-c! I remember mine and it was something that I'll never forget. It made me feel like a real aviator. Good luck on your checkride! :)