Commuters and crashpad guys


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Check out this site that just came up.
I've been using the Flight Schedules portion ( ) for a while since I have been commuting. It's been great.

I also did some beta testing for the Next Flight Text service and that was pretty helpful to figure out the next flight going out.

The Crash Pad service is new and hopefully might help people find a crash pad.

Just passing on these services to guys like me who commute.


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Scuse me Mr Peanut Butter, but does any of that stuff cost money? I already spend enough on this bs career, not trying to spend anymore. I'd definitely use it if it were simply ad suppored.


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It isn't my site. Im passing it on because I've found I like the service better than passrider. The crashpad and nextflight service are new. Free to search for a crashpad and small fee to list. The nextflight text service has a small fee to cover the owners expense. It does cost money for him to run and send you a text.


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I've been using get flight schedules for a several months. Million times better than passrider especially on mobile.

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It's on the up and up.

Just don't be one of those guys that block banner ads. Things cost money.
There are ads on the Internet?

(reminds me, I need to exclude * on the AdBlock machine so's you can keep the lights on. Or can I just cut you a check?)


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I always add sites I really care about to the white list of adblocker. The ads on here are super non intrusive I don't mind them at all and it helps the site stay in business, it's a win win


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Does anyone know of any direct flights between ICT and STL, be it freight, 135, 91 etc that is part of CASS? I would really like to avoid a 2 leg commute, as I can make the drive in the same amount of time.