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I was planning on entering the arizona campus next fall, but at the last moment decided to earn an associates in computer networking at a different school, but I want to be a pilot and always have, I'm just scared of employment decreases of pilots, so I chickened out and went for the computer jobs. I already regret it and I haven't even started school yet. So i've been talking to an ERAU counselor and she said it'd be better to go to community college so that more credits would transfer. Do you think I should do it that way or just go with the computer school. I don't know I'm kind of confused with what I wrote, so you're probably even more confused. Just want to be a pilot, and need some guidance.
All I know is that you have to get Riddle to approve the credits that they're going to take AHEAD of time because if you don't you most likely won't get the credit transferred over. I had some friends here at PRC that wanted to transfer to the DAB campus and decided not to because they'd have to take classes over again even though they're still ERAU credits. This school's really bad about transfer credits even from community colleges.

Isn't there any way that you can still go to Riddle? I mean school doesn't even start until the end of August. Did you already give up your spot or something? If you really regret it that much then you should try to get back in. DId you just defer admission or something like that?
no, I have my spot stil, but I thought I might wait it out a couple years to make sure I want to spen the money for riddle, and if some reason I change my mind about flying I will have something in computers. I'm really just scared that I wont get a good job as a pilot in the future,
I'm thinking there will always be a need for pilots. I'm kinda anxious and nervous about getting a job when I graduate too. But I think, Riddle is the best place to curb that anxiety because of the career fairs and all the connections and internships they get with airlines. If you do change your mind and end up coming here in the Fall, then I think that you will get a good first hand look at how they work at getting you up into the big leagues. Plus, there is always the computer classes that you could take here, if you decide to "fall back" on that as you put it. I agree, that it certainly is a LOT of money and I know that I will be paying back student loans for quite some time
, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. Don't let your fears about job security scare you away if flying is what you really want to do. I'm having trouble with my flight and if anything I think I'm just more determined to do this and be good at it then just quit. DOn't let anybody -- even yourself-- discourage you from doing what YOU want to do.
You're very much welcome. I just hate that people let stuff like that discourage them from doing what THEY want to do. There was a guy here (in faculty) that told me all this stuff like, "Well, maybe being a pilot isn't for you" and, "You might look into a different career field" and all this other stuff that really upset me and I was REALLY discouraged after that conversation. But, then I thought to myself that this guy doesn't know anything about me and he can't tell me that he doesn't think I'd make a good pilot no matter how many "years of experience" he has under his belt. I suppose I'm just the type of person to try at something even harder if someone says I can't do it.

Have you ever flown before? I mean not commercial or anything but, in a small single - engine plane? Like at the controls yourself? If you haven't, then I think that after you actually take your "first flight" you won't be so confused about doing this kinda thing. It truly is an amazing experience, one that you wouldn't be likely to forget for a very long time. Sorry, if this conversation is getting all into that sappy cliche-d sayings that you find posted at schools and stuff (Aim High!, You can do it if you try!, etc. etc.) but, I get carried away a bit sometimes.