Commercial SE & ME done!!


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Hello all,

On Tuesday, Dec 23, I did my commercial single engine and then the Multi add on. The SE oral was about an hour and the flight portion was 1.7. Since I already had a private ME rating the ME oral was only about 15 minutes. The ME flight was 1.0. The entire process of doing both rides on the same day took about 6 hours because of the paper work and a lunch break. The computer program that the school uses to do the 8710 had a little trouble with the dates being the same. They had never had anyone do two checkrides the same day before. So now I am a commercial SE and ME pilot with 253 TT. I guess its on to CFI now for some more time building.


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Yo...Good Job!!! I will be getting my Commercial SE/ME checkride next month so is there any advice you can give me so that I can be in your shoes?



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I just had the same checkrides on Monday, Dec 22. My day sounds similar to your day. First the SE oral and about a 1.5 hour checkride. Next, a short ME oral and then about 1 hour checkride. It made for a long day. Anyway, congratulations! I know you are relieved. Good Luck on your CFI. That is next for me also.