Commercial-Multi Oral/flight write up


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I posted this in my last thread but thought it might have been hidden because of the title. Hope this helps for anybody going into the checkride.

Here is the write up you asked for: :)

Oral began at 8:30 and finished about 10:00. went as follows:

All certs/docs (aircraft, pilot)

Medical durations (under/over 40)

What can you do as a commercial pilot (private/common carriage, holding out)

what inspections does the aircraft need.

what are AD's (what is the difference between the two)

required equip. day/night vfr/ifr (91.205)

What do you need to stay current? IFR/VFR

define progressive inspection

What is an MEL (take me through the steps of an MEL beginning with the manufacturer)

What are Notams (what types?)

What's a metar/taf/FA


What's flightwatch?

How far from a thunderstorm?

Define all Airspace, requirments for entry, cloud clearance. (uncontrolled/controlled, All Echo, special use and other airspace)

when do you need a transponder?

What is hypoxia and different types? hyperventilation?

Alcohol and flying rules.

What is carbon monoxide poisoning?

scuba diving requirments.

Oxygen requirments all the way up to FL410.

What are the different types of oxygen masks?

What is the difference between (pressure demand, diluter demand, continuous flow?)

Give me the basic components of a pressurized aircraft. (completely sealed cabin, inflow/outflow valve, saftey/dump valve etc.)

Airport beacons

Light gun signals

all runway lights (I.E. centerline lights white 3,000' left white/red, 1,000' left red)

What is a supplemental flight certificate?

special flight permit?

Ferry permit?

explain the fuel, gear, prop systems.

how does the prop governor work?

what does accelerate and stop distance mean?

what is critical density altitude?

absolute/service ceiling? (SE service ceiling?)

Define VMC.

Define Critical Engine.

What are the critical engine theories and explain (I drew the four diagrams instead of explaining off of the top of my head. it was easier for me that way)

VMC factors/standards. (i drew the list then explained. 1.2vs1 etc.)

After that he shook my hand and told me to get the plane ready.

Flight: 11:00-12:15

Killed the engine on take-off roll.

killed the engine again about 500' then returned for landing SE

Back in the pattern for a short field landing.

After that we went to a practice area where we did slow flight, which he asked to transition into a power off stall, then a power on stall.

VMC demo

Then to a steep turn. As soon as I finished the steep turn he killed the engine for the full feather shut-down/restart.

then to an emergency descent from 3,500-1,500

Last but not least a single engine ILS approach, which i nailed.

And that was it, he shook my hand and gave me the certificate. what a relief.

Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK! :)