Commercial MEL initial passed


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After a 2 1/2 hour oral, and 1.9 on the hobbs im now a multi engine commercial pilot!!

Oral was mainly over Systems of the pa-34-200 seneca. Landing gear, electrical, fuel, propeller. had to draw and explain everything. Then moved on to a lengthy discussion on the difference between a spin and a spiral dive. Also had lots of airspace questions. I had to pre-plan a cross country from KDAB to KPIE, so most of the airspace questions were scenario based. what do you do if.... how can i do that... am i still legal... why?

The flight was pretty straight forward. Departed kdab, did a regular traffic pattern at KOMN, for a short field landing and nailed it. Took off to the north to do maneuvers. Did steep turns, power on and off stalls, Slow flight, Vmc Demo, and a full feather shutdown and restart. Finally an emergency descent followed by a single engine ILS back into daytona.

Rather un eventful flight, one of the easier checkrides i've had.
Yeah, why the VFR X-country flight plan when you have the limitation of 25nm from the home airport when you don't have an inst. rating. Whats with that.:whatever:
Sounds pretty similar to my ride yesterday. Thought the ground was going to last forever. Almost started feeling like I was on my CFI checkride all over again:).

The aircraft I flew was the Cessna 310R. Fell in love with the airplane. We covered every system there was to talk about, and then moved on to emergency procedures. Following that, we moved on to talk about some single-engine aerodynamics. Somewhere in between, the examiner had me go through a performance problem to see how huge of a lose in performance we would have if we lost an engine on an extremely hot day. 'A pretty huge loss' is what I came up with :).

The flight was pretty straight forward as well. Went through all the required maneuvers, and then shot a VOR/DME approach. Out of the two landings I performed, one was probably the worst I have ever had in that airplane. I straight up just told the guy, while thinking in my head, 'what the hell was that?!' Second landing was smoother. Only on a checkride of course.

Anyway, I am now officially a college grad (SOSU), and heading back home to the Caribbean next week in order to go through a two week conversion course. Can't wait to sit on the beach once more with a cocunut in hand:D. Not gona lie. I'm going to miss Wal Mart up here:laff:.

Yeh mon!