Commercial Checkrides Passed!

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Yesterday the oral portion began at 0800 and by 0900 the examiner and I were in the Twin Comanche discussing the finer points of steep turns. We stopped at another airport about 10min away because that's where the aircraft being used for the single engine portion was kept. We hopped into an Alarus and completed the single engine portion of the checkride. After receiving my official FAA handshake, a friend of the examiner drives by and they begin chatting. The examiner turns to me and says, "We gotta go run an airplane". Now, I was coming to rural NC from Northern Va for my training and my broken southern english is a little rusty. I didn't know what the examiner meant but I offered to help him if he needed it. As it turns out, "running an airplane" means pulling an MU-2 Solitaire out of the hangar and taking it for a few laps around the pattern! Saying I was pleasantly surprised at this development is probably an understatement. After putting the MU-2 back in the hanger we flew the Twin Comanche back to the home airport and called it a day. I suppose I'll be spending this week polishing my resume and studying for the FOI and CFI written. Positive cashflow is so close I can almost taste it! :rawk:


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So how did you like Siler City? Im glad to hear everything went well. Yeah, the examiner is a lot of fun and an anwsome guy to your checkride with.


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What did I tell you!!! Nothing to it. What did you think of Oscar and Greg...They are Good guys.