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I have a question for you CFI's out there. I'm just starting training for my private and I'm having brain lock on the tower communications. I'm not sure why I'm intimidated by it, but I am. I've seen several computer based training programs for this, but not sure which if any of them are helpful. The Comm 1 product seems interesting but I would like to hear from somebody who's used it before I drop $100 for it. On the other hand I've been told that I should think about getting a scanner and just listen to chatter to get a feel for it. But that doesn't seem like it would help me on the protocol too much which is what I think is my issue. Any suggestions???


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I'd spring for the software. I've never personally tried Com1, but I've heard good things about it. A scanner would be good too, but more for hearing the various types of calls (clearances, flight following requests, etc.) and like you said, not so much for 'protocol'. Often as pilots get more experienced they tend to shortcut on some radio calls. Everyone pretty much does it, but you need to learn to do it right first, and then as you get more experienced, you'll figure that stuff out. Read the section in the AIM about Air Traffic Procedures, and the Pilot-Controller Glossary (located in the back of the FAR/AIM usually).

Hopefully someone on here can give you some more insight into the software. Whatever you do, take radio communications seriously. Everyone's safety depends on the ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively. And don't anything else, it gets much easier with practice.


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Seeing as you asked this awhile ago-did you get and use the software? I'm really curious about it.

I have a student who is fairly far along in training but not doing well on the radios. I won't let him go on his long solo until I feel he won't violate himself. I was considering advising him to get the software in the hopes that it can help him. Otherwise we have to fly around different airspace across the state and burn through a lot of money.


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I have Comm 1 and have used for maybe for 2 hours or less and have had it for a year. I find it to be useful for going back and refreshing certain areas I may need some work on. I don't think that it is worth $100. However, my instructror did say that his students that have the software are more proficient on the radios.


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