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So I am starting the Private course on Jan 5th, and was just curious on what I need to bring to Jacksonville. I'm coming from Seattle and I have never been to Florida before, so any advice is much appreciated. I am flying, so I can only bring two suitcases and two carry-ons. So I want to avoid bringing anything that isn't necessary.
Questions?? Is there any need for a suit or dress clothes at all?
What about the apartments? Do I need an alarm clock?
Also my Aunt wants to help me out by buying me a gift certificate, so is there a Target, Wal-mart, or something similiar near by?
Do I need to buy a head-set or can I do that once I am there? If so which one is recommended?
I also am planning on buying a cheap car when I get to town, so if anyone knows someone who is finishing the program or just wants to get rid of their ride for cheap, let me know.

I am trying to come prepared as possible so all comments are very appreciated to me and I imagine many others who are starting the program soon. Thanks in advance and I look forward to meeting you all. ~Joe


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Many people go for the David Clarks (13.4 model) I believe. You can probably find them for less dough prior to leaving, but then again, it would be one more thing you have to carry. Good Luck


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Thanks for the reply, I will have to look into that particular head set since i don't really know the difference between that one or any other. They are quite expensive so I just want to get the one that will benefit me the most.


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EBAY for headsets has some pretty good deals. There are good deals but you really have to sniff them out.

I have a david clark and a peltor. I personally like the peltor for headsets no clamping action yet very good noise protection and comfy. I got the $625 ANR peltor on ebay for $285 brand new.


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There's plenty of Target's and Wal-Marts a short distance from the airport/apartments here. Winter here isn't bad, cold at night, pretty comfortable most days, 50-60 midday for the 4 years I've been here. Email or pm me if I can be of any help. Welcome to Florida!


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Thanks guys for the replies. Ebay seems like a great idea, looks like a good way to save some money. I think I will look into getting a pair of David Clarks or the Peltors. Also does anyone use Lightspeed?


I'm a Lightspeed fan. I posted the following about Lightspeed's...

The other piece of gear that I've been using latley is a Lightspeed Twenty 3G headset. This is my first leap into the ANR stuff, and I'm REALLY impressed so far. My old headset was a David Clark 13.4, which was a wonderful headset until I put my glasses on. Once they were on I couldn't stand to have the headset on me for more than about an hour at a time. I've used the Twenty 3G's on trips for a few hours at a time now, and I'm REALLY impressed by the comfort level and noise cancelation that this headset offers. If you don't have an ANR headset, listen to everyone and go get one! They are almost as cheap as a non-ANR headset and are more than worth their weight in gold. I can't even tell I have a headset on after a few hours in the plane now, and I don't know how I survived without it.

You can search Lightspeed in the forum's and see what you come up with. I love my Twenty 3G's, but someone else might hate them. The best thing to do is try them on yourself.


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Just another thought, I know the apartments are furnished but do they have a TV? If they do, what about a dvd player? I only ask because I was curious to know if I should bring my dvd player, you know to watch all those King Videos. Thanks in advance.


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Joseph, (vsnick)

All apartments have a TV and VCR... No DVD, so bring your own if you need to. I used my laptop to view my King DVD's, which got old after a while, but at least I could watch them wherever I wanted.

Hope that helps,



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Yeah, that does help. Thanks. Also, just wondering if there is a an appropriate way to dress for ATP. They sent me five polos, but I don't know exactly what else to bring. Will i be good with just shorts, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. I definitely want to bring everything that I will need, without packing things that I won't. If that makes sense, I am just limited to the amount of things I can pack.