Comair Claims (vs. FSA)


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I already posted this in the Comair forum, but I wanted to see what people here thought of this statement by Comair marketing:

"In today's environment, the competitive pilot now has 3,000 to 4,000 flight hours. This means instructors at other schools will now be forced to teach 3 to 4 years before being even competitive to interview with a regional airline. You see... being Airline Owned, we give priority to our Academy graduates at our Airline and simply, no other school can do so. So you can see, even given recent events, it has had little impact on Comair Aviation Academy, while it has had a tremendous impact on every other flight school in the United States."

Any comments on the validity of this?
As I'm sure the recently departed FSI guys with much less than 3,000-4,000 hours will be!

Comair REALLY milks that airline owned thing in their marketing. Can't blame them though
"no other school can do so. So you can see, even given recent events, it has had little impact on Comair Aviation Academy, while it has had a tremendous impact on every other flight school in the United States."

And I suppose, that their marketing dept. can back up this non-sence, since they have absolute proof of the other flight programs in the nation that are doing so poorly compared to them.

Times are hard and they are desperately trying everything in their power to get there own marketing going, but I wonder how much honesty and credibility play's into thier sales pitch, probably none.?

And in regards to recent events having no impact to their Academy and tremendous to other flight programs, every time
I read this, what I keep thinking is "do they really think the the american public is that naive, that they could fall for this B.S"

Maybe they should spend their time, constructively doing some marketing research, figuring out why regionals (ACA, ASA and ComAir) itself, is actively recruiting pilots at FSA, and this is a fact.

They probably have a decent, if not first rate intructor corps, but the rest of the program and marketing department
dose this school a tremendous disservice.

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Today in my Commercial Ground class, the FSA Director (Mr. Skovvgard) addressed us regarding the airline industry. Although things suck right now, they are on the rebound. In fact, in the last six weeks 22 FSA flight instructors have been hired by regionals. All 22 had between 1000 and 2000 hours. Tell CAA to kiss FSA's a$$. They are wrong in their assertions. Comair isn't hiring!
When I went there, I asked about the CRJ delivery plans. This guy had the nerve to tell me that although other airlines orders were being majorly delayed due to the Bombardier strike, Comair's a/c would not be delayed at all, and in fact were on schedule if not slightly ahead.

A red BS flag went up for me right there. I then began to call him on everything he represented as "fact".

We have to keep in mind that they are marketing people. It is their job to sell the school. I would look at them like used car salesmanand take everything they say with a grain of salt. Ask for proof... Don't be afraid to confront them on things they say,etc... It's your dime!
I agree. I am going to tour both FSA and Comair in the fall, and I have a feeling that the Comair marketing is going to repulse me. I just have to be sure not to let it get to me too much, because I'm sure it is a good school and its graduates do in fact get jobs... which of course can also be said for Flightsafety.
One of my peers here in Vero got a call from Comair the other day. It was a followup from his tour there. When he said that he had already started at FSI, the CAA guy started to bash this place....yadda yadda yadda....the conversation ends with "When you're sick of FSI, come to Comair and we'll salvage your career!"


Dammit, here we go again. Could you get me a name? I've been talking to CMR's director of marketing about this stuff and this is getting increasingly silly.
I'll ask my classmate....

He told the FSI marketing dept. about it, thought they might get a kick out of it. They took it fairly seriously, said it was "poaching"....

My friend is now of the opinion that no matter what happens, he will never go to Comair, if for no other reason than the conduct of the marketing dudes at CAA....

I remember when I was there, they tried to convince all of us on the tour that a degree was overrated and not needed. They lost me right then and there. Putting your school in a positive light is one thing, giving a young kid (most of the guys on the tour with me) bum gouge that'll screw him in the long run for the sake of a quick buck is immoral.

Speaking of CAA marketing, I just got a follow up letter from CAA. The whole gist of the letter was to let me know that the airlines are hiring and that they like to hire people trained by an airline.

Then as 'proof' they included a hiring projections graph from Flying magazine.

Of course that graph ENDED wtih the year 2000. /ubbthreads/images/icons/confused.gif
See, that's what sickens the hell out of me. If a person doesn't do independent research, or even know that they have to, they're going to end up $50 grand in debt and banging down my door because I told them flying is k00l and E-Z.
It seems everytime I post something about CAA I get Doug all worked up. /ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif

I am very thankful I was able to find this site. It sure has filled me in on the real scoop. But for some reason I'm still plunging in head first.

I'm going on the train now while it's slow so I'll be ready when the upswing happens.
Oh, sorry about that! I generally just read the posts and usually don't take into account who wrote them. Keeps me a little more unbiased I think.

Seriously, all of you guys are me eyes "on the street" to see what they're telling you during the marketing speel. Unless I hear what they're telling potential students, I can't impart any perspective on it.

The part that burns me is that I have a pretty good repoire with CAA's director of marketing and he said he was going to set some people straight. I may be wrong, but that seems like it never happened, or at least not to a very wide extent.

Keep sending me the info!
Hi All,

I too was considering Comair at one time but was turned off by their marketing guy Lou (I can't remember the last name.)

He asked me if I was a veteran and had VA benefits. I told him yes, I was a veteran but had used the money a long time ago to get a 4 year degree. He repiled "So, you wasted your benefits on a college degree!" This really made me think hard about attending Comair.
yeah, i just got that same graph last week. that is stupid. they asked me to come in for a tour. i was already there 3 weeks ago.
/ubbthreads/images/icons/mad.gif Doug it fries my beans to think that these so called professeional schools are playing mind games with kids that have no previous experience in aviation or any or the ability to know the reg.'s and what a flight school can and can't do for them. I have more students coming to me that were at these afore mentioned institutes wanting to learn how to fly and really have the knowledge to become pilots, and not be taken to the cleaners. I tell these students" No school or institute can promise you an airline career...that is totally up to you and you alone and how well you can get through an interview and sim ride and ground school" When will the training industry get with the program and start behaving like adults and quit scarrying people into rash decesions and fueling their dreams with more B.S than Washington has. People....if a school bashes another school and tells you how awful they are...Don't you think of them as idiots and jerks for saying things like that...Now Think...Do you want to be lumped in with them in the eyes of others because you couldnot show sound judgement...remember you want to be a Capt. someday.