College of Southern Nevada (CSN)


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Anyone know anything about CSN's aviation program? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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I was in the program for ground school. Sandra Kingma is the instructor. I had a great experience there. She was more than willing to help me out with areas I had trouble unsterstanding.
One of my flight instructors was also a graduate of the program. My suggestion would be to utilize the program for what you want out of it. I used it for the ground school portion and practical written prep. All in all it seems like a great program. A little more expensive than going to a local FBO if you choose to go all the way with it but you will get more detailed instruction and the class sizes are pretty small. They offer a free discovery flight for the ground portion. :)
There are no bells and whistles such as "guaranteed" interviews. Its straight up aviation knowledge and training for those looking at pursuing a career in the industry.


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It's great.

Same stuff you learn at one of the big (UND/ERAU) schools, but about 10% of the price.

Sean, it was actually CHEAPER for me. 1 credit costs about the same as an hour of instruction, so you get a semester's worth of close instruction (small class sizes) for the price of one ground session at the FBO.

Plus I met some good time-splitting friends there. Well, since we rarely used a hood, they helped double the flight distance!