College Degrees for non-US citizens


Mama Bear....
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Does anyone know if the airlines prefer a US college degree over other countries college degrees? reason I ask is that a poster recently asked if getting a college degree was important, yet the poster is from overseas, hoping to get his/her bachelor's degree and afterwards come over here to gain flight hours & training and eventually work as a pilot at a US airline. so - does it matter if he/she gets the degree here in the states or over in his/her own country??

just wondering....
That's a good question...maybe we should ask Doug....hehe. Anyhow, I have come across pilots who had degree's from other countries, so it's been done before.
I don't think it matters where you get it as long as it's equivalent to a US bachelors degree.

More importantly, he needs to acquire the 'right to work' in the US which is something I know nothing about.

I agree with Doug and don't believe that it matters.

I have a degree from a Russian Air Force Academy and when I came here pursuing an airline career I think I would of gotten a job.

However 9/11 happened and later while I was CFIing part time I earned a "domestic" degree. So at my interview with one of US regionals I had two diplomas.