Colgan pilots


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HEy once again congrats on voting in ALPA, has there been communication on when you will be starting to negotiate your first contract and things of that nature? Good luck, hopefully it takes shorter than us, although i think 2009 will be the year it finally gets done
I'm not a 9L pilot so I don't know what has been conveyed yet by ALPA but before the contract they need to elect all the reps for the LEC/MEC and then the negotiating team and all the folks that will tackle the first contract. I have asked the question to 9E's MEC and was told that it is expected to take about 6 months to get all the ALPA cards/membership stuff done and the elections for all the folks in the ALPA chain. From there negotiations start and nobody knows how long that can take, but I would bet it shouldn't take too long with the climate we are coming into politically. Especially if the 9E pilots already have a contract.
Right now we are just starting the membership drive. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Our LECs and Treasurers are going to Herndon later this month for leadership training and we'll begin to discuss where we want to go from there.

I doubt it will take 6 months to get to the table, but it won't be 2-3 months either. We are building a strong union and want all of our pilots to take part in the process.

Right now- everyone who was on the Organizing Committee is still doing a lot of work.