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This was sent out in a fast read, but will post it here in case you didn't get it... PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF ITEM #4

Pass the word please!

To our Fellow Colgan Pilots:

Thank you again to all of you for your support during the campaign! Our showing in the NMB election last week demonstrated the unity we have developed and sent a strong message to our management!

Now it is time to take the next steps to a collective bargaining agreement, and we were glad to read Mr. Casey’s comment in his memo last week regarding the possibility of building a strong, collaborative relationship to continue our growth at Colgan. These past five days have been a blur for all of us, but here is a brief summary of what we have done, and what we will be doing over the next few weeks:

1. Interim LEC Structure. Immediately following the NMB vote count, a number of Organizing Committee members met with ALPA Vice-President – Administration Capt. Bill Couette to discuss our representation structure. Capt. Couette is now in the process of finalizing the details for our three local councils and appointing interim officials to the status representative positions in those councils. Our Organizing Committee members also had the opportunity to join ALPA President Capt. John Prater, along with ALPA Vice-Presidents Capt. Randy Helling, Capt. Paul Rice and Capt. Couette, at dinner that evening. We look forward to continuing to work with them as our pilot group transitions from interim to elected LEC and MEC officials.

2. Membership Drive. Following the appointment of the interim officials, ALPA will mail membership kits to every Colgan pilot. As soon as you receive these packets, please fill out and return the membership application ASAP! No pilot will be charged dues until April 1, 2009 – but you will still be able to access all of the benefits of ALPA membership after you have sent in your application and received your ALPA card! According to Capt. Couette, we will be calling for elections after 80 percent of the pilot group has returned their membership applications. It is up to us to control the timeline by returning our membership applications quickly.

We will also be hosting additional “Bite to Eat” events to collect applications and answer any additional questions about ALPA membership.

3. Updated Contact Information. If you have not been receiving mailings from ALPA, or know another pilot who has not, please make sure to update your contact information by visiting our webpage at

4. ALPA Incident Hotline. On the front page of your membership kit, you will find the ALPA Orange Card for use in case of emergencies. In the event you are involved in an accident or serious incident prior to your receipt of a membership kit, please call (202) 797-4180, or (703) 892-4180, to be immediately connected to an ALPA air safety representative. Please keep in mind that this number is to be used only in the event of an emergency! In the event you have a non-urgent safety matter, you can reach ALPA’s Engineering & Air Safety Department at 1-800-424-2470.

5. Happy Holidays. Finally, our best to you and yours for a very happy holiday season.

We will continue to update our webpage as we go forward and we encourage you to visit frequently. As always, you can contact any of us listed below for more information about the membership drive.

Thank you again for your support and we hope that all of you will continue to be engaged in our effort to build a strong pilot group and negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that reflects our efforts to build Colgan into the growing airline it is.

In unity,

The Colgan Pilots ALPA Organizing Committee


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Re: Colgan Pilots- Our Next Steps: Membership Drive Other It

Dude, you couldn't have posted that sooner? I mean, they just sent it out about 20 mins ago. Somebody spends too much time online. LOL


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Re: Colgan Pilots- Our Next Steps: Membership Drive Other It

Watching MNF, drinking Miller Lites, and surfing the interweb.

I love my off days!