Code Orange/ADIZ at Balto-Wash


New Member
I just wanted to relate that the controllers at BWI are doing a great job. I did a VFR cross-country, and everything was as smooth as silk. Maybe I'm crazy, but they even sounded more pleasant than usual.

But, there was yet another intercept.

I hear AT LEAST one intercept every time I fly. Please, let's all be careful, we don't want more restrictions or further "ADIZ creep."

Dr. Benny
I had just the opposite experience. It seemed like the guys who were handling me had no idea what to do. Who knows why, and I'm sure they'll get it straight soon, but they didn't know what was up.

Until they started with the TSA proctological exams again, things were looking better. They would clear you direct to your destination and you didn't have to get permission to enter what's now called the FRZ, which was called the TFR before.

But now that our dear President has started a war with the wrong guys, we'll have to deal with the TSA proctological exams again.