Clyde Fredrickson's Multiengine training for MEI?


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Anyone know if Clyde Fredrickson has a MEI course? (also as an initial CFI?)
Yes he does. I dont think he does it as initial, he will do it as an add on.

I went there and got my multi add-on. Be careful tho. It is a very intense course with a high failure rate. I did finish mine in 4 days (3 flights and my ride was pushed to the next day.) but many did not. The examiner is pretty rough, study a ton before you leave, and plan on doing nothing else but studying while you are there. Many people looked at it as a "guaranteed" course so a "guaranteed" pass, but its not

I can give more details by PM.

Lance F

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I got my ME Commercial add on at Arlington with him (Glen Evans was my instructor). Robert Riney was the DPE. He's an American Eagle check pilot, and I rate him as tough but fair. He did not skip a single Task, but I had studied pretty hard and aced the oral. That set me up pretty well for the flight. Since it was about 120 dF on the ramp, we both wanted the ride to be over ASAP, but he made me do everything required.

While I was there, there was a female student doing an initial ME with him.