Club/Parntership in the Cincinnati area????


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Hey all - anybody happen to know of any aircraft partnerships or clubs in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area with openings? Would appreciate any info.

Thanks - Jason
I would post a notice at local airports, with your experience you might be able to attract something not advertised.
I've tried that - all of the flying clubs around here (at least the ones I know of) have waiting lists that are literally years long.

I was thinking I should go around to the airports tomorrow and post some new notices and see if I get any bites.

Hey if that is the case start your own with a group of lads, then you get more say in what type of aircraft you have, and what whistles and bells you get.
Ya know - never thought about that.

Ok - so anyone in the Cincy area interested in joining a new and growing club??

...and don't forget to check with AOPA, past issues of the various aviation magazine, and the clubs/org's that specialize in the type of plane you want to fly regarding how to go about starting a club, choose a plane, avoid pitfalls, etc.

Good Luck!