Club Jet in Minnesota


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Anyone here know anything about Club Jet out of KFCM in Minnesota? Just curious to see what the QOL and upgrade times are like. I just saw a job posting for a Falcon 10 FO position and am trying to get more info on their operation.
APC has a few threads on them... The info is a little dated but it'll get you going in the right direction.
All I know about them is that they now have a pretty decent schedule and that I'd apply if the pay was better.
Great friend of mine works there. He is a Falcon 10 Captain and likes it but is looking for 121 airline employment. They just went to an 11 days on 9 days off schedule. Most of the trips are airline somewhere and meet the plane and stay with it for the 11 days. They do some flying people from MSP area to North Dakota oil business too and that's obviously a trip where you stay home more. I believe there is reserve as well. Low pay is an issue and the company will almost always upgrade someone but they don't have the mentality of "once a captain, always a captain." i.e. if you're a falcon FO and upgrade and then want to fly the Hawker, they'll dual qualify you as a falcon CA and a Hawker FO and upgrade you later in the Hawker. Not sure why this is. Seems decent overall if you live in MSP.