Clint Alexander Beadle

Congratulations!!! If you could share a photo or two, we'd love to the lil' guy!!

Is this your first?

She waited 50 minutes to wake you up? Vanessa woulda been beating me awake after 2 minutes, maybe less. As a side note, she's pretty darned convinced ours is gonna be early. Trip to the doctor on Tues will let us know for sure.
Congratulations! With all of these JC babies coming along, you might have to add some baby clothes to the JC logo store.
Funny. Nessa asked the other night if there were JC baby clothes.....

[/ QUOTE ]It's on "Kristie's ToDo List"! Let me know what you want it to say and I'll see what I can pull together.
Congratulations on the little guy Scott, I've been checking the Member Announcements/Family Life sections first to see if you had the baby yet.

That's great to hear mom and child are both well.

I mentioned the idea of a line of baby clothes awhile back ... perhaps maternity clothes too?
Sounds like we better start rounding up some playpens for all the babies that will be in attendance at the next JC event! Congratulations!
Congratulations, Dude:

We should have JC babies album in the near future with all the babies.

CONGRATS!!! From one new Dad to another - it's the best thing in the world to wake up in the morning and pick up your infant son! Nothing like it in the world!!