Citation Sovereign


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Our flight department is looking to purchase a Sovereign. Anyone have any advice, best model year, configuration, things to watch out for? The paper numbers look like they will fit our mission profile pretty well, but does it perform to those numbers? Let me learn from your experience.


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It's a great plane. Max gross to FL410+ easily, then you'll pull power back not to over speed. It'll fall short of Cessna's book range by just a bit.

Haven't flown one in over a year but to the best of my knowledge there isn't any major configuration differences between serial numbers, besides the new +. Nothing like the X.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.


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I fly both the Classic and Plus versions of the 680. And they are both great planes, as long as you stay FL430 and lower... If this is a plane that will contiunually fly coast to coast, I'd go with a G150. Because above 430, this thing is a pig. 6+ hours in the winter time IAD-LAX. average .74 mach. If your mission is 2000 miles or less, the 680 is for you.