"Cirrus and UND Offer Virtual Space Flight Experience"


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From the Flying Mag Newsletter I got this morning:

Cirrus and UND Offer Virtual Space Flight Experience
Cirrus has begun construction on a space-flight simulator on the campus of the University of North Dakota. Cirrus staff members and UND students collaborated on the construction of the simulator, which derives data from a NASA space shuttle, an X-15 and SpaceShipOne, the Burt Rutan-designed personal commercial spacecraft. When completed, the simulator will be made available to UND students and "select visitors," such as, say, editors of leading aviation magazines.
Does this mean we will get to try to fly it?!? If we do it will probably not be free lol. I've seen that little spacecraft simulator they keep hidden in the corner. I've never seen anyone use it or know what it's for. Any clue?