cirrus aircraft company flight instructor position

I applied through the company's website. I also know the Director of Flight Operations. Haven't heard a peep from either one, and I have over 1000 dual given and a lot of Avidyne and G1000 time. Not sure how urgently they need CFIs.
Did either of you have any luck with Cirrus? I have an interview scheduled for next week and am curious what the process was like.
The information I had received around the holidays was that they'd be hiring "first quarter of 2014." I got a call 2 weeks ago asking me about the application I had submitted around 5-6 months prior. I'm rooted in the 135 cargo job I took instead and told them no thanks but maybe in the future. And that "first quarter" figure was from their HR so yeah...good luck!
Their chief pilot said that there are three open positions available. Looks like a halfway decent job that pays pretty well. Here goes nothing!
I use to work for Cirrus not flight instructing but I worked close with the flight department and all I can say is the pay really isn't that great all around unless you are an engineer, test pilot or higher up working there. Expect deductions of around $100 a paycheck for just insurance for single or $300 a paycheck for family. Last time they were looking for CFIs was just late last year. Kinda interesting that suddenly there are 3 openings again, in other words they didn't stay there long. One last thing, if you are looking to get hired so you can get checked out in their new jet...that probably wont happen anytime soon after it becomes available in general production.
$100 for insurance isn't that bad, especially if it is a quality plan... I'm paying around $53 a month for tricare right now and that sure isn't the highest quality. 40k a year to be a flight instructor/ferry pilot with around 1000tt is still pretty good. We will see what they say when it comes to advancement in the company, schedule, QOL, etc etc