Circular computer (CR-3) versus E6-B


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I took a tour of FSI last week, and was told their commercial ground school uses a Jeppesen CR circular computer. I took a very brief look at one, and noticed it seems to have a similar function to the E6B I know so well, but there doesn't seem to be a wind side to the computer. How do you compute and plot wind with this, if at all? Does it otherwise provide the same functionality as an E6B?
<font color="yellow"> </font color> The CR-3 does have a "Wind" side; however unlike the E-6B type that helps us calculate navigation info based on the entire wind triangle, the CR-3 makes it's computations based on wind components. I have personally used variations of both types since the mid-50's and find them to be of equal accuracy. In fact, accuracy is based more on the "users" ability than on the device itself.

The manual that comes with the computer is adequate for day-to-day pilot uses, but Jeppessen also sells a publication that goes into great depth regarding numerous other types of problems that can be solved using this device. Happy computing!
I ended up getting a CR-5 from a Jetcareers auction (thanks Doug) and bought the Jeppesen manual/workbook. Now that I have learned to use it, I wonder why I ever used an E6-B. The CR is much more powerful, is smaller, and I can use it in-flight with one hand. I haven't learned the advanced functions as I have no need for them (pressure pattern flying anyone?) but I really like the wind side, it just makes more sense to me.
I'm getting used to the CR computers myself, and I like them better than the E6B for inflight use. The only downside that I've come across is that most kneeboards have the straps to hold only a full size E6B, so that leaves you having to find another place to put the CR. But all in all, it is a much nicer flight computer.
I've got a CR-2 in my hand, I'm still learning how to use it, but it's a nice piece of equipment. When I was getting my FE ticket, my instructor pulled his out of his pocket, he said he's had it since 1973, when he was an Engineer on the 707.
Yeah, I back the CR2 myself. I started PPL with the E6B, but when I got to FlightSafety, I had to learn the CR3. Not that big of a deal really. Actually I use the Navy (i think) APN-91 which is the same as the CR2. It's the perfect size for holding in one hand while flying with the other.

The CR3 looks too big (6"). Kind of like those joke toothbrushes and combs that are giant sized!

I havent tried the techstar, but I do use a ASA CX-2
for those long winded problems, while using the CR for quick figures. When I was riding in the cabin of a king air on a training flight, the instructor pulled out the CR5 model to check up on the students progress. Since then, I thought that would be a quicker way to solve problems, rather than punching the keys on a electronic flight computer.