Chunk Jr!


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Guess what? There will soon (7 months or so) be a Chunk Jr. or Chunklette gracing the world with his/her presence!

For the metaphorically-challenged, Mrs. Chunk is pregnant!


Chunk <---incredibly happy/frightened!


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Congrats Chunk!

See, you have to be careful with all that heavy petting!


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Good work there Chunky...

Congrats on the news, and be sure to tell Mrs. Chunk I said good luck!


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It wasn't me! Ha ha! Congratulations, friend! The baby should be due just about the same time as the Key Loans, huh? Sorry, couldn't help that one either.



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so the jet careers screen name could be Mini Chunk??

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Best of luck to you!!!

If you ever need it... Real Radio has a great birthing recipe to help speed along the process!!!


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Congrats Chunk! Now you'll have someone the perfect size to check up in the wheel well of the Seminole and Arrow!


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Oh man another AW offspring! Nah, just kidding. Congrats on the fatherhood thing. Mine will be 1 on Saturday. Its a great feeling. Sometimes you want to pull out all of your hair, but mostly it's awesome to watch them grow,crawl,talk,walk, and become their own little individual selves.