Chronic heartburn and ATC medical


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Hi Doctor Forred,

I know that the ATC medical is outside your expertise, but I'm gonna try this question on you just in case.

I've dealt with heartburn for several years. I have never seen a doctor about it (I'll be happy to accept all criticism offered, I deserve it).

I take antacids and zantac 75 to control the discomfort, and though it's worsened by consuming alcohol and spicy/fatty foods, abstaining from these things doesn't "cure" it either.

So I'm left with a few options. I'm without insurance currently. So I can fork over the money to see a doctor before my medical (which is Nov 17th), or I can wait and have it treated after I get benefits in December. Do you know to what extent this will affect my eligibility? Thanks in advance.


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I'll surely look into it, thanks.

I was mostly concerned with them assuming I have something other than just heartburn (since I know it can be an indicator of other problems in the stomach). Since I don't have a proper diagnosis yet, I thought they might demand some further examination to make sure it's not an ulcer or some other ailment that's more serious (though I think my discomfort would be much more severe if that were the case). I was worried they'd hold my medical clearance or something like that.

Obviously I just need to get myself to a doctor regardless and have it looked at. Thanks for the advice.


Is Protonix OTC? Their website looks like a prescription.

This PDF says that Prilosec OTC works just as good and costs $24 per month (most large retailers now have generics that are less).
Prilosec OTC does an awesome job for me - as good easily as Prilosec which is a perscription. Anyone ever check your Gall Bladder - I had the most hideous heartburn ever when it was going south. Got it taken out and all is well.