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Chief Weather Research Pilot (Wyoming) - King Air


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I preface the posting with this: I know nothing about the operation, the O.P., pay, etc. but thought this sounded very interesting and maybe someone on here meets their posted mins. Good luck..here is the exact posting:

"Please see http://flights.uwyo.edu/pilot for information and application instructions for the following:

Seeking leadership of University of Wyoming research flight operations group which operates two King Air 200’s, one dedicated to atmospheric weather research.
Require: ATP (multi-engine land); 2000 hours PIC of multi-engine, fixed wing aircraft including 1000 hours turboprop aircraft; B200 type rating (or obtained after employment). Prefer: Experience with administrative supervision of pilots and flight operations, preferably in Part 91 corporate aviation or 135 on demand setting. 5000 hours total logged time; 400 hours PIC in King Air 200, B200 or 200T; King Air simulator training (Flight Safety or equivalent) in past 2 years; bachelor's degree in science or technology.

Alfred R. Rodi
Director, University Flight Center
Professor and Head
Department of Atmospheric Science
University of Wyoming
Dept. 3038
Laramie WY 82071 USA"


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Its called a B200T

Its a kingair 200 w/ tip tanks. with the tip tanks full, i believe it takes the weight up to 13,800


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Some military versions have a gross weight of 13,500. I have a BE-200 type rating for just that reason.