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Executive Air Taxi Corp Bismarck, North Dakota:

Chief Pilot

1. Qualifications: The Chief Pilot must meet at least the minimum qualifications outlined in FAR 119.69 and FAR 119.71 (c)(d).

2. Duties and Responsibilities: The Chief Pilot is directly responsible to the Director of Operations, and he directly supervises the flight crew members.

Specific duties are as follows:

a. Directs all training activities of flight crew members, and he is responsible for crew members standardization as outlined in Section 4 of this manual.

b. Assists the Director of Operations in formulating operations policies and coordinates operations and training matter with appropriate activities.

c. Prepares and maintains proficiency records, reports, and correspondence pertaining to operations activities.

d. Maintains current aircraft check lists.

e. Submits all reports required to FAA.

He may delegate functions to other personnel, but retains responsibility.

He must be highly knowledgeable of the Operations Manual, FAA Regulations, Operations Specifications, flight manuals, etc., and other instructions pertinent to his duties.

The Chief Pilot has the authority implied by and necessary to carry out his duties and responsibilities as listed. Although the day to day approval of the President is not required, it is understood that he has final authority over all company activities and may override any decision.

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