Checkride OGB

OK, i think I figured it out.

Took a student to a check ride this past week and took my son along. He and the student have a good rapport and they both agreed it was ok, as much as an adult and a 5 year old can agree.

First picture is the student doing is preflight around 7am at FDW. Jack, my 5yo son only wanted to know if we could get in the airplane yet.

On the way down we flew over CAE and CUB. I had flown this route about four or five times but could never find this airport on the sectionals. It is a private strip by between CAE and OGB called ALANS. It was difficult to find because it is a very narrow strip and right off a main road, it sorta blends in. I finally found it and took a pic to prove it.

Once in OGB my son went through several phases of boredom and questions. He wanted to get back in the plane. He wanted to take the cirrus. And then he wanted to hitch a ride on the 421.

It was a fun day for him but not for the student.


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No, unfortunatley he did not pass. But this was kinda expected. The student was a pass on from a couple of other instructors. He has been working on his private license for about 2 years. Plus I didn't realize that he was a "bundle of nerves" type of student until we went to the checkride. So the fail was good for him. Now in a couple of weeks he won't be nervous about the ride like he was this time. Plus he wasn't angry with the outcome, which again is good for him and the examiner. It means he will be open to the retraining.
First off, nice pics.

Second, why did you sign him off if you expected him to fail?
First off, nice pics.

Second, why did you sign him off if you expected him to fail?
he probably thought he was ready to go until they got to the airport. He mentioned the student being a budle of nerves. He may have figured if he failed it would be a good learning experience. To a weekend warrior, a failed checkride may mean nothing except a second shot. He also never sad he expected him to fail.
Personal choice. Type A personality needs to broke a little and its is easier when it is broke by someone else. That and I did not want o be the one to do it. In the end it was a way to get him to relax and stick with one instructor. The guy can fly, he has had several instructors who just sat in the left seat, and now I can build him up in the next couple of weeks.

It will work out in the long run and I am not worried about a pass rate right now. Besides I had a student take his first flight June 14th, solo in July, pass a written in August, and pass the checkride on Aug 28th. All while he was working a full time job and juggling two girlfriends. I am confident in my ability to teach but not to get a student to back down from wanting to checkride. This guy was good on the PTS but turned into jello when we got to OGB.

You when you have a checkride and everything is going as expected and then one thing goes wrong and throws you off, and then things go downhill from there and you have to say lets continue on the recheck. He was used to lining up on center line, matching his DG, and then rolling in with power. The DE asked him to do a soft field on the first takeoff and his DG was not set before crossing the line and it threw him off. And his nerves as well.

I will put in an update when he passes.
The airport by the road reminds me of a couple down in SW Virginia. They're right along I-81. One of the two blends more than the other.

This is Mountain Empire:,-81.34861&spn=0.009507,0.030813&t=h&z=16
The way the highway bends around it, as you're driving by at night it looks like you're just going to drive right down the runway.

Virginia Highlands:,-82.030921&spn=0.009533,0.030813&t=h&z=16
This one's further off I-81, but is a little harder to spot when flying over because of SR-11/19 and the runway's old texture doesn't contrast much.

Welch (one of my favourites of SW VA - not hard to spot, just a little bent...):,-81.530324&spn=0.004721,0.015407&t=h&z=17
It's re-opened now, so I'm feeling a flight over in that direction when I get back to Virginia.

Got my PPL in that plane back in April of 07, worked with Reid Houston. Last I spoke with him he was telling me the student load out of FDW was pretty slow.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Made my evening.

Who was the examiner, if you don't mind me asking? If I remember correctly it was Joyce Carrol for my Private, except he drove up from OGB to FDW for the ride.


Reid is still there teaching students on a part time basis. And yes it was Carol Joye who did the checkride. I flew 332jc and 339jc back in the spring of 2001 and had my checkride with Fred Severance for my private pilot. He hasn't changed a bit. I really like Carol Joye though, he is predictable and fair but will not let you slip.

OK, update for ya. The examiners correct name is Carroll Joye, that is a bust on me for not spelling his name correctly.

Student and I went to KOGB today. Winds were 20-30 knots from 1000 feet AGL and he still did a great job on the turns around a point considering there has not been a lick of wind every time we did ground reference maneuvers. He did those well and he passed on his recheck. :eek: :clap:

Sorry, no pictures. Will take a camera on the next ride!!

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that this student took over 3 years to get to the PPL with less than 100 hours total.