Checkride items - PTS requirements?


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Is there anything wrong with having the PTS (priv/comm) requirements on a notepade on your kneeboard during the CFI ride? In my eyes, no.

I would say you could have them, but I would probably try to know them from the top of my head for every manuever. I definitely wouldn't look at it for each manuever.

I think it's a great tool once you start instructing. I've flown with a few people who couldn't remember the PTS standards for something they were teaching me at the spur of the moment and I had no chance to do my homework before the flight.
I doubt there would be a problem with having it, but they really aren't that hard to memorize. Most of the maneuvers have the same requirements for altitude, airspeed, and heading.
i dont know. as a CFI, i often bring my PTS but find I rarely reach for it. Rather, I wish I had some abbreviated graphical representation of the maneuvers.. or a list of common errors, etc.. who knows.

On your CFI ride, your gonna be flying the plane, not flipping through the PTS. I would suggest understanding the maneuver and ability to describe the 'common errors' (BTW - that is your get out of jail dialogue when you screw up a maneuver) and that should do.

I have only been on one CFI ride, so what the heck do I know
I had the private and commercial PTS with me on my ride for the teaching portion and my examiner was fine with that. Not sure about having the actually CFI PTS. Not that hard to remember, but I cant imagine a little cheat sheet would be a problem.