Chautauqua TA Ratified!

Yeah there was a lot of hoohah on this but I am really glad that Republic pilots will be on the CHQ list, which was a MAJOR issue.

MGT really surprised many by agreeing to a majority of the demands.
Furloughees will be back around mid nov and in the bidding process for teh start of December. Hiring, no interviewing, is happening now. Hiring from the pool and also j4jers. The pool still has a few member in it, and will probably be enough for one more class. Look for interviewing soon.
Yup, I got an email from my friend at Chatauqua and he starts back in November. He is really impressed with how well he is being treated there.
The treatment at CHQ is very good.

Now that the TA is ratified and Republic is under the same roof things will start to get REALLY good.