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I noticed a lot of people are on here between 8 and 10 p.m. Central.

I think that would be a good time to start a chat session. maybe not tonight but tomorro. I guess I just want to go to bed.
I havent really seen alot of people in there at once and those times seem to be the most active. The moderators would know more about this than me.

Might just be a Sunday thing though to. Me and all you other pour souls trying to suck every last minute of the weekend before Monday. Ahhhhhh I hate Mondays. Nah not that much.

I will be at a CAP meeting tomorrow but i would be game for a chat on wednesday night the same time. Anyone else?
are you logged in?

HAHAHAHHA sorry - could not resist!!!
Aye! Didn't think about that, sorry...

I don't know where the chat link is now. There used to be a separate forum that had a link to it but I don't know where that has moved to. I just remember it was kind of a pain to get to that's why I had the URL memorized...

I can fly a plane a thousand miles and land it on a 500' piece of cement but I can't find the chat link. Dur, I'm a pilot.

Sorry yo!
Click 'Main Index'

Then click 'Jetcareers Chat' up at the VEEERY top.


[/ QUOTE ]

All I've been seeing up there for a while now is the Newsletter Archives; I thought the chat was taken down be cause no one was using it...
Yeah I've been informed that the chat is only visible to moderators.... which would explain why NO ONE's been in there the last 10 times I've tried it

Maybe someday it'll return... until then there's always

AIM Chat
Doh! All those boring, lonesome days at work where I have idled in the chat just waiting for someone to entertain me while I procrastinate my way out of studying for the FOI & Instructor written exams...