JSFirm Charter King Air Pilot

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Mayo Aviation Englewood, Colorado:
The PIC in a Dedicated Crew will oversee the overall operation of the aircraft to meet Client and Mayo expectations on quality assurance, revenue and owner relations. He will ensure company and owner communications are received, understood and distributed appropriately.
  • Work with the Chief Pilot to establish Crew schedule
  • Ensures the team actions are aligned with client expectations
  • Develops (Coaches) the SIC
  • Provides the leadership necessary for the team to accomplish its goals in customer retention & service; profitable growth and safety (quality).
  • Ensure aircraft documents, company manuals, navigation databases and charts are current and on board as appropriate
  • Work with the maintenance department in scheduling required inspections and following up on unscheduled maintenance events to ensure timely completion and return to service paperwork and notifications
  • Other duties required to meet the expectations of a dedicated crew or as assigned by the Chief Pilot

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Not open for further replies.