Charter Coordinator/Schedular

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B.Coleman MRO Gary, Indiana:
Duties and Responsibilities:
The highest
priority of the Charter Flight Coordinator/scheduler is the safety of flight.They will be required to make phone sales
calls.They will have the authority to
quote trips, contact clients for trip details,book and schedule trips.They
will have the delegated authority, from the Director of Operations, to release
flights in accordance with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations,
requirements, limitations and procedures contained in the General Operations
Manual.In addition they will be
responsibly for the following:
Prepare Flight Release paperworkSchedule and record Crewmembers flight time in compliance with crew scheduling procedures to ensure that each flight has a legal crew available to complete all flight operations for all flight segments.Flight Follow flights by tracking the OUT/OFF and ON/IN timesEnsure all flights are released in compliance with company policies and proceduresAdvise the appropriate personnel of potential or actual events.Ensure that all, ground handling, deicing, fuel, landing/departure slots and landing/over-flight permits are in order before releasing a flight.Coordinate with Maintenance Control to ensure the aircraft status will permit the intended operation to tbe conducted safely and in accordance with applicable Minimum Equipment List/Configuration Deviation List items (MEL/CDL) limitations/restrictions at the scheduled departure time.Perform other office management related duties as requested by the Director of Operations or Chief Pilot

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