"Charlotte County traffic...eh tower...eh where am I?.."


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So the other day I decide to take a trip across southern florida from Palm Beach over to Charlotte County airport (PGD) on the west coast. First time flying to that airport. Flight was great with a stop in Arcadia for a few grass landings then onto Charlotte county. Enter the pattern for 04 behind a Lear, making all my call outs. Really nice looking airport from above. Runways laid out just like my hometown airport in palm beach, in a triangle. Land, turn left on first available. After clearing the runway I notice how nice this airport is. All taxiways and holdshort signs are in place and look brand new. Not a sight seen at most Class E airport ive been to. After completing the afterlanding checklist I look up towards the ramp(about 3,000 feet away) and see two brand new Airbus A320s sitting on the ramp. For a second I was like huh, never seen a commercial jet at a little ol airport like this before. But actually after spending a few minutes at that airport you realize its quite big for a class E. So I look down at my sectional just to confirm its Class E, knowing full well it was. And I hear over the radio "cessna 12BA turning left base runway 04 Charlotte county traffic" and the other traffic "blah blah county traffic"..
So I taxing on over to the ramp which is a few hundred yards from a terminal where the A320s were parked. And I come to find out that just about a week ago "Direct Air" operated by Virgin Airlines has started service out of there with a couple of Airbuses. If you get the chance its a nice stop. And reasonable fuel prices. Just get your jet A early ; )


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Everything looks new because it is - that airport was trashed by Hurricane Charlie. First time I ever saw airplanes piled in a heap on top of one another.


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I used to fly down to PGD quite a lot, they have a nice cheap little restaurant down there with decent food. It's good to hear that the new terminal that they built is not going to waste. Hopefully "Direct Air" will last longer than Skybus did.


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HA HA, nice story fast89pony! I thought that was headed in an entirely different direction when I first started reading th at. Safe flying!


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Heh, nice. I figured someone was just really lost when I read this. It wouldn't have surprised me as I was down in S/E Florida teaching for a year or so.

Good stuff, never knew PGD had a food stop there... I would've gone there more if I knew that!

If you guys ever get a chance hit up either the Outer Marker Cafe at KTIX (Titusville), Airport Restaurant at KOBE, or that place at VRB is pretty good.