CFIs in Jakarta, Indonesia (or scam-baiting opportunity?)


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I got this email the other day. It feels a little 419 to me, but if you're looking for this type of work and want to track this down and find out if it's for real, have at it. My old flight school also got one a couple days before me.


Dear ------

I know your name and email address from AOPA website. I am Septo Sudiro CEO of Java Flight School, a business unit of my company PT. Kemitraan Energi Industri. Currently, we are in the final process of acquiring a flight school in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am planning to expand this flight school to become the biggest flight school in Indonesia. Currently this flight school operates 4 Cessna 172s and I will add 4 Piper Warriors in October and November 2012, so we will operates 8 aircrafts. In order to fulfill our flight instructor requirement we require minimum of 10 Certified Flight Instructors, to be stationed either in Palembang Sultan Mahmud Badarudin II airport (WIPP / PLM) or in Jakarta Halim Perdanakusuma airport (WIHH / HLP).

We are looking for qualified instructors with minimum requirements include:
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) Rating
  • Instrument Instructor (II) Ratings
  • 100 Hours Multi-Engine PIC
  • 40 Hours Multi-Engine Cross-Country PIC
  • 1st class medical certificate
As flight instructor we guarantee minimum of 50 flight hours per month and you can earn between $1,250 and $3,500 per month. The more you fly, the more you earn
  • $100 On-Time, First-Time Checkride Pass Bonus for each student, PLUS
  • $ 25 per Flight & FTD Hour , PLUS
  • Free return airlines ticket from SFO to Jakarta, Indonesia, PLUS
  • Free accommodation and transportation to and from airport
If you are interested to become our instructor, please email me your CV, scanned copies of your CFI, MEI Rating and II Ratings and the last 6 months log book.


Septo Adjie Sudiro

Gandaria 8 Bld, 11th Fl, Suites G-H
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta 12420


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8 aircraft is going to be the largest flight school in Indonesia?
Not many flight schools over there, many locals go to Malaysia for training, if this is the place I`m thinking of back in 2009 they only had one plane...When I use to sell planes I got many offers from over there to look for 172s in the US to be used as trainers.


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Go interview if he pays for the ticket and hotel. Enjoy Indonesia for a couple days, come back. What the hell! :)

Send no super personal information.


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Here's how I read it the first time:

Hello Dear,

Please accept my apology if my mail cause you any form of embarrassment. I am Mr. Septo Sudiro; I work with a leading Java Flight School, as Chief Executvie Ocifer a business unit of my company Kemitraan Energi Industri.

I have two abandon Cesna 183s that need flying but they belong to the government. If they are not flown the government will take them back and give them to Customs for drug running. If you have any students seeking to build flight time, I will present to you the opportunity to fly them at the low rate of $150 USD per hour. I will pay YOU to fly them.

If you have any interest or know pilot with interest, have them forward me the details of their bank account so that I might make a deposit in good faith and purchase airline ticket from LAX direct to our airport where the Cessna 183 is based. Airline ticket will be sent to you via direct courier.

Please note that as soon as I receive your acceptance e-mail, I will give you more details and what to do.

Kindly reply me through my private email address:, if you are interested because we have just 7 working days to make this claim and please you must keep this information secret until we are through.

Thank you and god bless,

Mr. Septo Sudiro


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Go ahead. Sounds a very good offer. I will not hesitate one second if i was you.

And he signed "god bless", for God bless Nigeria.... :)

He said keep it secret, why do you post this here? :D


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I dunno to me it does not seeem such a weird deal, I was never scammed in`s a fact Aviation over there Aviation is growing at a crazy rate, too fast for what the country offers as far as flight training, they just can`t find well trained local pilots. There is a ton of money to be made over there, and many peoples are starting getting into the flight school biz, Indonesia is a lot different then Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand..places where they always had flying clubs and General Aviation, after WWII most of the airports in Indonesia where abandoned, for year a very strong govt, instable situation stopped from growing anything not affiliated to the govt, it`s the same thing invmany South American countries too, and those are also the reasons of lower standards and safety issues, if you look there are very few military run aviation authorites around the world that work safely, oh yeah then there are many other that say they are Civilian but still run by former militaries...Private owned schools were just not allowed and the govt ones where used to feed bribes and nobody really cared. In the past few years becasue of the huge boom in aviation, btw I don`t see any American company buying planes as much as they do in Indonesia, many private investors with no experience in Aviation started getting interest in GA, you gotta meet some of those guys they are so naive but their intentions are not always bad, yes they want to make money but they also give a ton of jobs to locals and make the economy grow. SUSI air for example was founded by a lobster farmer, they usally just put an expat in charge of flight operation and hope it works...I had several contacts in Indonesia from friends flying there (mostly Expats) that were looking at buying trainers to start flight schools for their own airline. Couple airlines over there have already started their own flight schools. Yeah flying over there is not that Safe, but have you seen what the country looks like? seen some of the aiports most western pilots would piss in their pants? there is a huge culture barrier in the way things are done in Aviation, but they have the same problems in India, Brazil.....

Put your own conditions and see what happens....yeah maybe it`s a scam or maybe not..

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I just finished flying in Indonesia. Not for that company, but if you look over contracts carefully, there is a lot to learn there. the Pepole are over the top nice, the cost of living is very inexpensive, and 3rd world living will broaden your life perspective.

Also, make sure you have your own personal flying minimums as the company your are flying for may not have there own op specs, nor value your life. Accidents do happen frequently, but to those with standards it happens far less often.

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I have a friend who looked into this. It's still not clear whether or not certain offers are scams, but there is something that we have that they don't. Having a US or European CFI brings a level of prestige to a school. The quality of training that the instructor provides is secondary to this. Telling their potential pilots that the school is run by a US or European trained instructor will get them more students and more investment. If the contacts you made are legitimate, they may bend over backwards to accommodate you. It could end up being a better deal than what was in the original offer.


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Are people reading what I am reading or is there a joke I am not in on?

"because we have just 7 working days to make this claim and please you must keep this information secret until we are through."

"have them forward me the details of their bank account so that I might make a deposit in good faith"

Oh man you better hurry and jump on this offer. He may also have a wealthy benefactor locked up under an assumed name that needs your help to be released. Send me your account information so I can pay the sum of 1500USD for his release and I will wire you back a reward from him totalling 20000000000000000000000000000000000000USD.


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Are people reading what I am reading or is there a joke I am not in on?
My second reply, the one you're quoting (#12), was a joke. I received the first one by email and it reminded me of a 419 scam so I rewrote it in that vein. Sorry if that joke wasn't obvious or funny.

The original post was an actual email I received. And if anyone looking for a CFI job finds that this is a real and valuable option, I wish them all the best.