CFII from King or Gleim


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I think I'm loosing my mind but tonight, I looked at purchasing both CFI/FOI and CFII courses from King and the II course doesn't come up. The same with Gleim...... Am I missing something??????? Is the II being re-written??

Seems like there is a glitch on the King website. The CFII course is still being sold. They are in the process of fixing the site.

Thanks for all of you who responded. Your enthusiasm was overwhelming.
The CFII ride is really just an instrument ride from the right seat with a few teaching briefs thrown in for the oral. I doubt you need to purchase a king course for it.
the instrument is being able to fly on instruments from the left seat. the CFII is doing the same thing from the right seat and being able to talk while doing it. The written is the same as the INST. No need to buy a special course.
Thanks all. I just need to trade my OLD King IFR course (8 years old) for an updated. They're giving me a $50 credit.