CFI $$$


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How much $$$ will a first year CFI realisticly make at FSI? What about benifits?I am looking at 1-2 years as a CFI to gain experience (READ: build time) for a Corporate or Fractional job.

Can one survive on CFI pay at Vero Beach?

I have spoken with the marketing people, now I need to know the real deal....
I'm a current CFI at FSI. My net pay is averaging about 1600-1800 per month. I work 12 hours a day/6 days per week. Pay for briefing, flying, and simulator is $14 per hour, but I rarely get 12 hours pay per day, mostly because I don't hit my students for it. I could, I just don't, neither do most IP's. Benefits are great. CFI's get the same bene's as every other FSI employee worldwide. Big company health/dental/410K etc. I'm averaging 75 flight hours and 25 simulator hours per month.