CFI Vacancies


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Just wondering if anyone knows of CFI vacancies in the Houston (Hooks Apt) Campus in the next couple of months. Thanks


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Now don't quote me on this, but it is my belief that unless there were great changes in the last week or two, there aren't any vacancies at any locations at this time. It is my understanding that the last group to standardize are still in JAX answering phones until an opening becomes available. I just finished the program a week and a half ago and that is what I was told. So I'll be instructing back home until hiring picks back up. Don't expect alot to change in the immediate future. Patience is a powerful virtue at this time.


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Houston is pretty full right now with people that went through standardization that are unassigned waiting on an opening in Houston.


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Through the grapevine, SUA is lacking students simply because no one wants to become an airline pilot. Well good, the more demand for me when hiring starts back up!


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so if you are answering phones, I guess you don't get any fllight time? I just drank a beer and my breath smells like puke...:D just to clarify, I didn't puke, I'm chewing nicorette while enjoying a microbrew, responsibly.