CFI questions


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OK, No BS or flames just some honest answers please.

1. How many Westwind CFIs have been hired in the last 12 months and to which airlines?

2. How many hours do you guys fly a month on average?

3. How much multi time do the MEIs get?

4. What is the average total time and ME time for a Westwind CFI?


I'm going to ask the same on ATP, Comair and Pan Am.
I just recently left Worstwind after completing my CFI there. When I started the program I had more Multi time than most of the MEI's there. I had 60 hours after completing Flight Safety's CIME program. A lot of the CFI's there I spoke too who had nearly 2000 total time had barely 150 multi. That is bad. If you want to build multi time as an MEI go to ATP or Flight Safety. Stay away from Pan-Am, CONair, and Worstwind. Good Luck, ILS

By the way, I went back to Flight Safety. One rating at Worstwind was one too many.