CFI Questions


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OK, No BS or flames just some honest answers please.

1. How many ATP CFIs have been hired in the last 12 months and to which airlines?

2. How many hours do you guys fly a month on average?

3. How much multi time do the MEIs get?

4. What is the average total time and ME time for a ATP CFI?


I'm going to ask the same on Pan Am and Comair.
Go to the website:, click on instructor status.

Instructor time depends on location- averaging from 45 hours a month to almost 120. Instructors fly SE only at the ACPP locations.

I don't understand question 4: new CFIs or the dawgs?

New CFIs have about 300/150 (TT/ME). My roommate has 1500/1103.
Read it again. It says that the only instructors who do any SE flying are the ones at ACPP locations.

Sig, can you elaborate on the locations difference? That is, which are the busier locations and which are the not-so-busy? Also, what's the total number of instructors with the company right now?
For anybody else still wondering, here's my understanding of it: all ATP instructors give ME instruction, regardless of location; the ones at ACPP locations give both ME and SE instruction. Clear as mud?
By a rough count, there are about 60 instructors.

As far as busy locations go, ATP staffs accordingly. The least amount of time an instructor gets (based on this month) seems to be around 30 hours. The most is over 110.

If a location stays dead, ATP pulls out and puts that instructor elsewhere.

SAC/JAX/DFW/ATL are insane.