CFI Programme


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Can you work as a CFI at star-bright after you finish the programme?

- If not, what are the odds of getting a CFI job elsewhere, with 280 hours, Part 61 training, no instructor experience?

Also, if the school gets 141 status, how will it affect the 61 programme?
It depending on the current workload we have at the time of persons graduation from the CFI program. Most of the students we have had are able to give some dual instruction before leaving. All of the CFI graduates have been immediatly employed after completing the program so far :).


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I would recommend working at Star Bright as a CFI...The day that I passed my MEI, I gave my first hours of instrument/multi engine night, in IMC! Kansas has all sorts of interesting weather, and it really challenges you as an instructor to deal with it as well as teach a student how to fly in all sorts of conditions. I found instructing there was very benefical for me to move on to the current job that I have now.


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Yeah it's really good down here. I am currently in their CFI program and things are progressing really well.