CFI program study guides???


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Hey all,
I am getting ready to do the CFI program and as I am sure most of you know it is in my best interest to have the writtens done before arriving... my question is this:

Is there just one study guide for the 3 exams? I know that there is a Gleim out there but haven't had the chance to look into it thoroughly, so I thought I would take advantage of this wealth of knowlege!
The exams are:
1. Flight Instructor written exam
2. Flight Instructor Airplane written exam
3. Fundamentals of Instructing written exam.

Is there one study guide that covers all of them or more than one

Actually the exams are:
1) Fundamentals of Instructing written exam
2) Flight Instructor written exam
3) Advanced Ground Instructor (not required....only needed if you want the AGI certificate)

Yes, there is a guide that will prepare you for all three. I used the yellow ASA flight instructors book. I believe Gleim has one as well. They contain all of the questions contained in all three exams.
funny because I copied exactly what ATP sent me to have done... they are word for word as in my first post!

anyone? anyone? Bueller?