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I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this forum. The wealth of knowledge I have received from this site has been a tremendous help. Now on to the good stuff...

I just obtained my PPL in early May and I'm currently working on building cross country hours and studying for my IFR. After I obtain my IFR I plan on attending Broward Community College in Fort Lauderdale, which BTW the flight school is operated by Delta Connection Academy. After obtaining my ratings and degree the thing I would like best to do is become a CFI for DCA. My question is: If I don't complete all of my ratings at the school, does it lessen my chance of becoming a CFI for DCA? Don't get me wrong I don't excpect some kind of guarantee from DCA, but I was just wondering if I would be eligible or not.

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Did you look at the post called "Instructing at Comair" in this very forum? Your answer is there.

To save you the time, the answer appears to be yes. Go to Flight Safety. They currently will consider you on an equal basis for a CFI slot, even if you didn't do all your training there.
I've checked the previous post and read the one entiteld, "Instructing at Comair" None of the post(s) mentioned specifically whether or not DCA would give you less consideration if you went partially through the program than if you completed the whole program.

I've considered Flight Safety. Don't get me wrong, from the research I've done they seem like an excellent school. The main reason I'm planning on attending the DCA school in Broward is the ability to get my degree while in flight training. Without at least an associates degree I might as well not even apply to a commuter airline. Also the cost will be significantly less at DCA Broward.

You can enter the Delta Connection Academy program at any point prior to CFI and still become a CFI here. We do require that you do all the CFI ratings with us. Of course, we would have less time to observe you if you enter the course late, so that may place more emphasis on you doing well in the remaining certificates.
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Hello PW,

Wow! That's good news for mid-rating types, those who don't have the time or don't have the money. I just received a package in the mail from the DCA...guess I'll have to look at it more closely, especially the req's & financing options for the CFII/MEI course program only!

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Hello Again PW,

If someone is accepted into DCA with Comm IFR AMEL, acquires their CFII/MEI ratings at DCA and start working for DCA, will the eligibiliy requirements for DCA affiliated airline employment be the same? By that I mean will they still have to instruct of the same # of hours as those in the ab initio program or will they become eligible once they make the same TT / MET (and other?) requirements?

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Hi MarineNav,

I might be able to help you witht this one. I'm currently an instructor for DCA at the Broward base. All CFIs are given an interview at 800 dual given (at DCA, dual given at other schools doesn't count), with 100 multi (at least 50 dual given at DCA) and at least 1000 TT. Once your a CFI at DCA, there is no distinction between those that completed all ratings at the academy and those who completed some "outside".

Hope this helps.
As a student at DCA (and No, I don't work for the school also), I can attest to the fact that individuals that had previously earned ratings from other schools (Academies, FBO's) prior to coming to DCA DO get hired as instructors. I know that I started with one person that had their ASEL Instrument rating and is currently an instructor at Sanford. Also, my roommate had his PPL and was hired (just to give those skeptics a couple examples that aren't from someone's mouth in marketing). I could guess as to the reasons people will get on this board and say it isn't so, but you can and people do get hired by DCA having previous experience and ratings. However, having attended a pretty reputable FBO prior to coming to DCA, I will say that in my opinion it would be best to come here as early as possible in your training. The reason being that the procedures alone take some practice and getting used to in order to be up to par with DCA's expectations. Factor in getting used to the local airspace (practice areas), leaving home and in many cases leaving family, getting settled in and focusing solely on training - this all is an adjustment that takes time.