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Lansing community college is seeking a part-time flight instructor to join its Aviation Technology program. Program currently has 40 students and 10 aircraft.

Requirements: CFI, CFII, current medical, 50 hrs. in past 6 mos.

Fax resume to (517) 483-1401


Hope that helps someone!
Better get on it, Western Michigan sent out an e-mail about this a week ago to all their students (about 1,000 of them).
i interviewed about a week ago. they just called me today and said i did good on the interview. i'm flying back to take the written sometime this coming week.
Mine if I join ya =)
I'm up in Jenison (Grand Rapids area).

Guy who just came on board with us came from WMU. Hated it there as an instructor. I've heard 1 positive, 4 negative. I graduated from there, so I could probably get in fairly easily as a CFI. But at $25/hr now, I don't think WMU can match that

Then again I have 15 students I am training
You're more than welcome to Jeff.

Hollywood, shoot me a PM once you know when you'll be up in the area. I've got class or work pretty much straight through on Thursday until about 8:00 p.m., but I only work until 12:30 p.m. on Friday and I can probably stick around Kalamazoo for a few hours before I head out to Ann Arbor for the weekend.


John Herreshoff
i'll do that. we should meet up at the wayside or something. i love looking at all the juggy waitresses in there. especially when i'm eating

BODean-what have you heard negative about instructing? i heard you don't get that much time. i still can't believe they called me. they are the last place i ever expected to hear from