CFI, MEI, CFII wanting to fly


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I currently live in Plano, Tx but more than willing to relocate. I have a current 1st class medical and US Passport.

Commercial Airplane Single Engine / Multi Engine
Instrument Airplane

593 TT
236 Multi
364 dual given


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With that amount of dual given, you should have your pick of CFI positions anywhere. I'm assuming you've already seen the "Jobs Available" section. If you want lots of hours quickly I'd suggest Florida or Arizona. The "hottest" place atm would probably be Aerosim Flight Academy, they have 50 openings supposedly.

You could also try ATP. They are accepting resumes from non-ATP grads and have locations all over the country.


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Like said before. With you times a CFI gig would be super easy for you to find. Just take a browse on the first page of the jobs forum, its littered with gigs all over the US. It just depends on how far you are willing to travel.


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Well I have sent off more applications but the hardest part seems to be getting a response from a flight school.

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If you are interested in moving to Guam there is an immediate opening for a CFI/Sight Seeing pilot.