CFI Louisville FAA passed


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Well, that was a long checkride, but got it done, passed it. Screwed up two things on the flight where I think my brain was just fried from the oral. Here's the rundown:

5.5 hours oral

1.5 hours on the FOI, got real in depth on situational stuff, and covered EVERY ITEM in the PTS in regards to the FOI.

My subjects were stability, weight and balance, Drag, night considerations, logbook entries, and my lesson was to cover navigation and flight planning. All these subjects got pretty in depth, but the nav lesson covered almost 2 hours of info.

Flight: 1.7

-Normal takeoff lesson
-Straight and level lesson
-Steep turns lesson -screwed up here-I told the examiner I was going to climb to 2200 (1700AGL) as I wanted to make sure we end up at least 1500 AGL. Leveled off at 2000 for some stupid reason and did them, lost about 25 feet of altitude on my one to the right and she said she could bust me for that, and asked why I leveled off after telling her I was going to 2200. I said brain fart, she liked that.

-Power off stalls lesson
-Elevator trim stall demo
-Lazy 8's (FAA flew these) she put the plane in an unusual attitude and made me take the plane from her
-S turns lesson
-8's on pylons demo
-soft field landing demo
-emergency landing in a field
-Short field takeoff lesson (Faa flew)
-Traffic pattern lesson
-Power off 180 lesson (FAA flew)

And voila, presto chango, flight instructor ticket..Very cool, very demanding, me very tired but I think worth it.. Miller time!

Oh yeah, the second thing I screwed up was I recovered from the emergency at 400 agl, not 500.

On the oral, a question I didn't know was why does the aileron travel farther down than up? answer: to combat adverse yaw