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Ok how did some of you get your first CFI job. It seems like everywhere I look they all want you to have some dual given. Well how do you get dual given if no one will give you a chance. I have been to every airport in the DFW area and I cant find anyone who is hiring. When I give them my resume they just kind of look at it like ok well we have about 100 more but we will keep it for the future. Anyway if anyone as any advise this newly certified Instructor sure could use some.


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The examiner that I did my CFI-CFII-MEI checkrides with told me about the school and put in a word for me with them and kind of hooked us up. The DPE was the matchmaker.

You could print up business cards or flyers and try to find people that own their own plane and start with some dual that way. Are there any airparks near you?

Best of luck man



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I imagine you're in a highly saturated area for CFIs being in DFW. You may need to look outside Dallas in order to find a job.
Another thing you may consider is find a few students and then take them to a school you want to instruct, they will more than likely hire you.


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Did you check at all the places you did training at? That's the only way I found a job when I started out. It's tough to find a job. If you want a busy CFI job, you have to be willing to relocate. Keep checking the aviation websites too. Sometimes you can get leads off of the AOPA website classified ads. There's also some jobs posted on here and at Of course, this one is the best though! (Brownie points there Doug

And if anybody knows of any full time CFI jobs, I'd be interested in hearing about that. I've got a fair amount of dual given now but just flight instruct part time.


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Doug has said it a thousand times, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!

Start packing too, your most likely going to have to relocate if you really want a job! Thats the life of a pilot might as well get used to it now!


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Like everyone else said- if you can move, you can find a job. They are out there. People who complain about not being able to find a job are the ones who won't move to take one. You have to be willing to sarcrafice.