CFI Job (Florida?)


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I am a new CFI eager to start the next leg of my career. I currently live in Buffalo, NY... Love my home, wish I could stay, but I highly doubt I could fly enough in this town to pay the bills.

I am willing to move just about anywhere, though would prefer Florida, I go where the jobs are. Any leads MOST appreciated.

302.7 TT / 51.7 ME
B.A. Psychology

(excited, motivated, and hard working as well)

Thanks guys


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Keep on getting info from heritage flight academy, somewhere in NY. I would love to work in FL too, but I had a bad experience with weather down there. FSA, DCA, ATP, and EPIC comes into my mind, but sure there is more.


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I know Daytona has a bunch of different flight schools around it. If you are looking to make the most money try Ormond Beach Aviation.

Regretably I am a bit to heavy/build to be comfortable in a 152, but at $29 an hour its not a bad deal, had a friend who worked their last summer and got 300 hours of flight time in 3 months.

Just search Ormond beach aviation in google. Other schools you may want to look into is the previously mentioned Epic aviation which is at KEVB, New Smyrna, then at Daytona itself there are a bunch.

Phoenix East aviation, Air America Flight center "", there used to be Aussie air, I think they might have gone under though after their twin crashed, and of course Embry Riddle.

I am just about to leave the Daytona area, got my phone call for the airline world :nana2:. I do know of some places to stay around here though if you end up actually moving around.