CFI Initial with Leon Pinkston, or Gary Ross

Spruce goose

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Hello fellow aviators,

I am a commercial pilot MEL with IFR. I also have my AGI, and am now a candidate for the CFI initial checkride SEL. I fly in south florida, and when I sent my application for DPE request I got Mr. Leon Pinkston, and Mr. Gary Ross. I feel very prepared to take this practical test, so whoever I pick will have no effect on how I feel for this checkride. However, I know that finding information about the DPE's prior to selecting one is important, for there might be factors which may lead to a better choice. Does anybody here have any information or experiences with any of these two names, and would like to share it? It would help tremendously in order to make my selection for my upcoming checkride.

Thank you for your anticipated input


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Pinkston was easy. I know he will fail people, but he was very fair when i did my initial with him.