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Anyone here have experience with getting someone their initial CFI? More specifically someone who you think may have a warped sense of time frame to get it?
I recently began working with a guy who wants not only his CFI, but also his MEI within a 6 week period. A couple of kickers. One, the six week time frame started August 18th. We are already 2 weeks in. The other, he is a doctor who's six week break started the 17th of the month. Meaning he had no time to study for the rating. His writtens were done last year. I want to help him the best I can. Yet I don't see how he is going to pull this off. Yes, if he can focus solely to the rating, it can be done. However, he is being forced to move due to landlord negligence (foreclosure) at the same time we are trying to work. Did I mention the large scale TFRs over the MSP area this week due to the RNC? He seems to be unwilling to file IFR to get out of the area to go do our work. This cuts off four full days of flying we could do. And in these last two weeks, lets just say his ground work is seriously lagging for the time he admits to putting in. He is also flying an airplane he is completely unfamiliar with, Bonanza A36.

Any suggestions?


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Any suggestions?
Dump him?

All courses of training are partnerships, none more so than the CFI. If he isn't willing to work, there's not much you can do. There's too much knowledge for you to force feed him.

You really need to pre-qualify CFI students to make sure their goals and work habits will mesh with your expectations. I've done four and am not likely to do another.


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i have done one initial and i will kill myself if i ever have to do that again. granted it was in a 141 course where there is "structure" but still time consuming as all get out. if the person is not willing to coop with the program then dish em.